How Did We Rank Keto Pills?


When looking at the market and determining which ketone supplements are truly worth their weight in gold, we can use several different factors to evaluate keto pills’ value and rank them.

This is especially true in emerging markets, such as the keto diet pill industry, which can be bogged down with scammers and opportunists looking to take advantage of a diet’s sudden rise in popularity.

Below are a few of the main criteria we use in determining which ketone supplements to share with you and which to keep in the bin:


When it comes to selecting a suitable keto diet supplement, the first thing to check is the list of ingredients present in the supplement. A decent keto supplement should be a perfect combination of exogenous ketones, fatty acids, BHB salts, medium-chain triglycerides, and other keto-triggering elements.

Weight loss supplements without the ingredients mentioned above are not effective enough. Especially, the presence of exogenous ketones is a mandate in keto pill supplements.

Evidence Backed Results

In the diet world, much like the rest of the body and healthcare industries, there are many remedies and ingredients used because of their supposed, not actual, ability to affect change.

That’s why we chose to ignore ketone supplements that were primarily basing their pills on the efficacy of ingredients with a flimsy scientific foundation in favor of companies that used scientifically studied ingredients like BHB salts and MCTs.

Whenever you think of buying a keto diet pills, you should look for the reviews of the customers who already used the product, which is an important factor to rank keto pills.

Just having those ingredients wasn’t enough for us, however. Products that featured those ingredients had to have a dosage with at least some clinical history of efficacy; products that supplied too low of a dose were not on the list.

Another helpful factor is the board backing the company

Companies that have a board filled with doctors and medical experts are typically more reliable than those without. Because those professionals are at the forefront of the health sciences.

Companies with zero professional experience in the field don’t instill the same level of trust and thus weren’t featured as part of our recommended ketone supplements.

Transparency and Honesty

Since the keto diet pill industry is still so new, it is rife with scammers looking to make a quick buck. If a company doesn’t explain what ingredients they used clearly, they’re very likely illegitimate.

A common trick is to use traditional weight-loss additives, such as caffeine, to trick the consumer into feeling their body is burning extra fat while being repackaged as a “keto” enhancing pill.

Some companies may still use legit but cheaper and non-keto-friendly ingredients to burn fat; and others may not want to disclose their formula to avoid clueing the customer into the low dosages used.

Likewise, we only chose to recommend companies with products that had reasonable claims made about their fat-burning capacity.

Keto is very helpful in shedding those pounds. But some diet control and exercise are still integral components of any weight loss strategy.

Another useful indicator of reliability is stamps of approval like FDA approval (GRAS). Many companies like to churn pills out at unregulated factories worldwide and then sell them to consumers at sky-high prices.

Price and Value

When spending as much as a hundred dollars on a new diet pill, you have to get your money with.

When deciding which ketone supplements met these criteria, we compared what you were getting with what you were paying. Higher prices meant that higher-quality ingredients, at higher doses and concentrations, had to be used.

There are a selection of different ketone supplements across price ranges for all budgets. But we found it essential to keep some price and value ratios in mind. Also, it’s better if your preferred product remains covered under a money-back guarantee.

A money-back guarantee works as a protective measure when you’re trying new weight loss supplements.

Beneficial features

Coming to keto diet pill benefits, there are numerous ones that a keto supplement should offer. Some effective keto-inducers with higher numbers of exogenous ketones claim to reduce weight within weeks. On the other hand, other keto supplements claim to promote fewer food cravings and control blood sugar levels. So, you need to buy the one that claims to offer the most benefits.

These are the factors we consider to evaluate the best keto diet pills to rank to help our readers. Hopefully, these supplements will help you reach your weight loss goals and offer other health benefits.

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