How To Stay Motivated On Keto?

stay motivated on keto

If you’ve been following a keto diet, then congratulations! I’m sure you can tell how amazing it is to be in a state of ketosis. But if you’re not seeing the results you want yet, it might be time to try some other tips to help you stay highly motivated on keto. Don’t worry: there are many different ways to stay motivated during your keto journey. Here are some of my favorite ways:

1. Plan Ahead 

Put the freezer in your basement to good use! Set aside a weekend to prepare meals on a regular basis, or order from a meal prep service that offers low-carb options for when you’re too busy to make something fresh. Freeze meals waiting for you to make sticking to a diet easier. It’s nice to bring lunch-sized portions to the office so you’re not tempted by the fast food place next door.

Snacking may seem like a more difficult task (especially when there’s cake in the office), but luckily, many keto-friendly snacks are easy to bring along: nuts, seeds and berries come in many different tastes and combinations.

2. Using a Food Journal

Use a food diary to keep yourself accountable. This is one of the best things you can do to keep your diet on track, even if you think you’re doing well, and it can help to see which foods are giving you trouble.

Keeping a food diary is also crucial because it can help us see what we are eating and how much fat, protein and carbohydrates we are consuming. This information can help us make better decisions about how we want our meals to look and how many calories we should be consuming each day (or week).

3. Shop Smart

Knowing what you can and can’t eat makes a big difference when going on a keto diet. It makes it easier to know your options, choose foods based on ingredient lists, and know which parts to avoid at the grocery store. So try keeping a list of what you can eat and buy and keep it with you at all times when you shop. Consult it often!

4. Having Rewards at My Goal Weight

A great strategy for staying motivated on a keto diet is to set a goal weight and reward yourself when you reach it. For example, if your goal weight is 120 pounds and you are currently at 148 pounds, then you can reward yourself with something when you reach 120 pounds, such as a massage or manicure.

Personally, I would choose a piece of clothing or new makeup from my favorite store and buy it for myself as a reward when I reach my ideal weight. Whatever it is that makes us happy should be our reward! It really can be anything: new clothes or shoes; other beauty products; concert tickets; or even taking time off work.

But the key is not to let these rewards sabotage our efforts to get fit by overindulging ourselves with food or alcohol afterwards, because then we’ve wasted all that effort!”

5. Believe in Yourself And Your Loved Ones

Finally, although it may be a simple adage, “Believe in yourself” can be really powerful. You have the willpower within you to overcome your cravings, and you know you have it!”

You are not alone. So many people are on the road with you, and motivation can come from many places. Get your family and friends on board with your dieting plan and tell them why you are doing it. Their love and support can really help you through the hard times. If you don’t see any recipes on our menu that you like, please let us know as we are always updating and experimenting.

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